Dedicated to Healthy Produce, Michigan Music, and Historic Company Store

Historic Store

Historical Johannesburg Manufacturing Company Store -- The building was the original Company Store and when completed will be restored to its 1901 glory. Local products and produce will be featured in the store. Also a museum complete with old barber shop and bed and breakfast on the second floor. It's a work in process. A 501c3 nonprofit Historical Society was incorporated and awaits the final steps via the IRS.

This summer we will be setting up a tent and a farmer’s market at the store. Look for it on Friday and Saturday afternoons, after the veggies arrive. This year we will be focusing on the store, with the goal of getting the historical preservation site plan completed. We will also be working to re-protect the structure from the elements.

If you are interested in helping out with this project, please contact us. Your reward will be the knowledge that you help preserve a piece of northern Michigan history. This site is on the national registry and is protected by the national park system. It might fall down, but it cannot be torn down!


Otsego County Historical Society

Otsego County Parks and Recreation

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